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Joe Lockett Signature Socks

Through Joe's love of socks and his faith in people, he has combined his two passions into a platform that solves problems all over the world. Solving problems in socks! For every pair of socks sold, JL Socks will give a portion of the profits to an important cause that will aide in that causes needs.

I Said "Yes" 

Real life stories of 17 Driven Entrepreneurs who were determined to conquer setbacks and obstacles in pursuit of their visions.

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But God Brought Me Through 

By Epathia Lockett

You're never to old to do something new​. When is the best time to believe in God​ and how to get through life after losing your mother.​ This book will touch you no matter your age.

It's time to get back to the basics in our families and communities. - Momma Lockett

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Entrepreneur of the Week

The Entrepreneur of the Week program highlights products developed, made and sold by young business minded individuals.

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