The Joe Lockett Mentoring Program will include three days of mentoring to middle school aged children. 15 boys and 15 girls will be selected to participate and will be place in groups by gender. The participants will be mentored by professionals from the metro Birmingham area.  



Subject matter covered in the program will be:




  •   Social & Professional Attire and Etiquette 

Mentees will be presented with proper dress and behavior for social and business environments.

  •  Leadership

 Mentees will be presented with lessons and tips to develop leadership skills. 

  •  Economics

 Mentees will be presented with effective ways to earn and save money.

  • Career and Education

Mentees will be presented with techniques on how to choose a career and the education needed for that career.

  • Motivation & Inspiration

 Mentees will be motivated and inspired to be the best they can be and to be productive members of their community.

School Supply Drive

Every year the Joe Lockett Mentoring program donates schools supplies to local students and teachers. With successful book bag drives we have provided over 5,000 book bags for students. We have partnered with EES to ensure our children and educators have the tools needed in order to shape and mold our future generations. You can donate money and we will purchase supplies or you can purchase supply kits and they will be delivered to the schools.

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